What is Birth Photography? It has To Be One Of The Most Wonderful Monumental moments of your life... to Capture the moment your child is born !

Choosing a Birth Photographer! and Why you should choose me!

I love all things birth. I have been documenting birth stories since 2016. I am not only your photographer, but your friend and a support person. My love of capturing your beautiful birth story is why i am in training to become a birth Doula. I have a great understanding of your birth space and hold a high professional repore with many doctors and midwives in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding hospitals. I have Insurance covering maternity, birth and newborn photography and I continue to invest in training and birth workshops every few months. As a Mother i have experienced birth 4 times and know the importance of having a gentle and caring nature.

When considering your birth photographer ensure you have researched to make sure they will work with you in one of your most emotional and rawest moments.

~ Do they have the correct equipment in order to capture your whole birth story. Not every camera can handle low light.

~ Do they know their place in the birth room whilst working with medical professionals and being able to handle emergencies in a upmost professional level.

~ Do they have a birth contract and the right level of insurance

~ Do they have a backup photographer. I have two backup photographers that i trust whole heartily to capture your birth the way i would.

~ Have you met them in person to make sure you have that connection.

~ Do they ensure they will be available on call 24/7 leading up to your birth.

Birth is a significant, memorable time in your life and is probably the most easily forgotten. Hiring me as your birth photographer allows me to cherish and document your birth story.

Motherhood Journey |$1995

~Maternity ~ Birth ~ Newborn~

BBB 2019 template

* Maternity session ~ 10 high res digital images with matching 5x7 prints

* Newborn session~ 20 high res digital images with matching 5x7 prints

* Full birth session with all digital images

*10"x10” lay-flat album

*Video footage of your birth (subject to hospital)

* Video slideshow of your birth story

*Custom USB and keepsake box

*Post natal birth hamper


*Maternity session can be studio or outdoor location.

*Newborn session is held in studio

*A meet and greet at either my place, your place or a local coffee shop. This is where you can ask me anything and discuss your wishes and plans for your special day. I am on call from 37 weeks till your little one arrives, with birth coverage being from active labour to 2 hours after birth.

Birth Package |$1295

birth session

A meet and greet at either my place, your place or a local coffee shop. This is where you can ask me anything and discuss your wishes and plans for your special day

* Me!! - I’m on call from 37 weeks till your little one arrives

* Coverage from active labour until 1-2 hours after birth

* All high res digital in colour and B&W on a custom USB (amount of images depends on length of birth)

* Video footage of your birth (subject to hospitals)

*Beautiful slideshow of your birth

* 20 high res lustre prints in a keepsake box

* Post natal birth hamper

Birth Package 3 |$995 ~ C-Section only package

kayla birth-

*A meet and greet at either my place, your place or a local coffee shop. This is where you can ask me anything and discuss your wishes and plans for your special day

* Me!! - I’ll be there for the duration of your C-section and 1-2 hours during your recovery

* All high res digital in colour and B&W on a custom USB (amount of images depends on length of birth)

* Video footage of your birth (not during theater)

*Beautiful slideshow of your birth

Lets capture one of the most beautiful, raw and rewarding moments of your like.

Birth Doula Services

What is a Doula you might ask ? and why would you consider having one as part of your birth team.

The word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves" A birth doula, also known as a birth companion is a non medical person trained and experienced in childbirth. A doula provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to women and their partners before, during and after childbirth.

Many parents are faced with the uncertainty of labour. Research has found that women who have one-on-one professional labour support tend to have shorter labours, fewer complications, less need for pain relieving drugs and healthier newborns.

During your pregnancy we can meet as many times as you wish. We will prepare your birth preferences and gather evidence based information to help you make informed decisions. We will get to know each other well and form a trusting relationship and help you and your partner talk through your wishes, fears and plans before the birth of your child and familiarize you with the many options you have in childbirth.

I also believe it is very important for your partner to feel included in this time and we will have a session dedicated to birth preparation, birth skills and support so your partner knows how they can help and encourage you physically and emotionally during labour. It is important for your partner to know that I am not replacing them i am simply an extra member of your already awesome team.

Your birth~

I will be on call for your birth 24/7 from 37 weeks. I will meet with you from when you request me until after your baby is born. I will provide you with continuous emotional and physical support with gentle massage, suggestions for laboring positions, rebozo work and other measures to provide you comfort. I will support you emotionally by being your ear to listen, holding space for you, encouraging you and making sure you feel the strength you need to advocate for yourself.

After your baby is born I will stay for a few hours, I will be able to assist you with breastfeeding, showering and dressing yourself, and will make sure you are nourished and fed. I am also there for your birth partner, encouraging and guiding them so they feel comfortable supporting you.

Post Partum~

After your birth I will visit with you and your new baby to spend time with you. (and maybe sneak in a baby cuddle or two) The fourth trimester is so important for bonding and resting and I will be making sure you are doing just that. There is no set list for postpartum support as every mothers needs are different, i am happy to sit and listen as you reflect on your birth, assist with any breastfeeding advice, allow you to rest or cook you dinner. If you require help from another care provider such as a lactation consultant I can help you arrange this. If I also photographed your birth I will have a mini birth story for you to view if you wish

Birth Doula package ~ $795 (introductory price)

Birth Doula and Photography package ~ $1495

~Full birth and post partum doula care

~Your labour,birth and "golden hour" documented

~ min of 100 images on usb

~ Newborn keepsake box

~ Mothers hamper pack


Kaylah ~ Harpers Birth

"“After being induced the night before I was eagerly waiting for the doctor to break my waters and to meet our baby. They did a quick examination and we discovered our baby was a footling breach. I needed a caesarian. I was devastated. All I ever wanted was to experience labour and to birth my baby as naturally as possible. I wanted that moment captured. The moment I could feel our child enter the world after nine long months of waiting. They had never allowed photography into theater where I was birthing but that all changed because of Alissa. She was determined to capture our birth story and her passion was felt by all involved in our care. The love and support she showed me as a client was exactly what I needed. She reminded me that every birth story is unique and may not always go to plan, but that my safety and the safety of our baby was all that mattered.I love the images she captured in the theater room and I am grateful that I had Alissa advocating for me that day. If it wasn’t for this amazing woman I would of never of had our daughters birth photographed and my feelings surrounding her birth would not be full of the positivity that I now have about having an unplanned c section.

Jodie ~ Isabella's Birth

"Booking a birth photographer is a huge decision. Letting someone into such a personal and intimate space, and allowing them to be part of such a powerful, life-changing moment is not something I considered flippantly. As a plus-size mum I have a lot of insecurities and it was so important to me to not only have this incredible moment captured beautifully, but to know that I felt ok with someone seeing me in that raw state.

Booking Alissa was a no-brainer. I loved her work and I knew she would capture our moment well. But more than that, she made me feel totally at ease before the day with my fears about her seeing me nude. Also, knowing she was a doula gave me confidence because I knew that she was not only well-equipped in that space, but she knew what to expect and where to be at the right moment to capture what she needed to capture. I really appreciated knowing she could be so in tune to what was happening.

This was my 3rd baby, and it was my most traumatic birth by far. Being able to look back on these photos has helped me to process my labour, and seeing it from Alissa’s perspective helped me feel empowered in what I was able to do and push through in labour. Everything about my experience with Alissa was amazing and I’m forever grateful that I had her with me"

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